Author Testimonial: Andrea Hunter

Andrea Hunter is a writer from Sweden. Her novel ‘Too Good To Be True’ is a true story about how her life took an unexpected turn. She spent over a decade with her true love and had two kids before Andrea finds out that Mr. Right was actually Mr. No-So-Right.  What do you do when the biggest part of your life turns out to be a lie? You WRITE about it. . . Which is exactly what Andrea did!


What has your experience been like writing your book?

To write my story has been exciting. To see it in writing – everything I’ve had in my head. And I like the process of getting it ready for publication, to make adjustments so that your words end up on the page you decide. But to check for typos again, and again, and AGAIN and keep finding them – well that is not as exciting.

Why did you choose to tell your story?

Three years ago I experienced something awful. To process it I started to write it down, to get a grip and to understand what was happening. I felt like I was in one of the British chic-lit books I like to read and I decided to make a book out of it. I wanted to share my experience.

Did your experiences make it easier to write an engaging story line? 

The event itself was so thrilling so I was able to use my real life experiences as the story line. In that way my readers could be on the same roller-coaster ride as I was emotionally.

What advice would you give to new writer just starting out?

Just do it! The perfect ’setting’ to write never arrives. As soon as you get an idea in your head just write it down, wherever you are, and whatever tool you have around you. Your mobile phone, a pen and a receipt, in a café, walking your dog. Then make time for yourself to sit down somewhere to write your chapters. And make a story line – it is inevitable that you will lose track of what you have written already, and where. And when you are out of inspiration – use that period to check and double-check the spelling, that will get you forward. 

Why did you choose to publish with Type & Tell? 

I had a great experience with Type & Tell Sweden and chose Type & Tell UK for my UK-edition. They have a great, engaged and helpful team, an editor tool that I find easy to use, and they have the big company Bonnier in the background.

Too Good To Be True is now on sale at Amazon 



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