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ALLi & Type & Tell’s Appeal To The Man Booker Prize

In advance of the announcement of the winner of the Man Booker Prize 2017 tomorrow, please find below statements from the Alliance of Independent Authors and Type & Tell, a leading self-publishing company. The viewpoint explains why the continued exclusion of independently published works, which account for an ever-increasing share of the market, perpetuates the literary snobbery prevalent in the…

Booker Prize Exclusion Of Self-Published Works Perpetuates “LITERARY SNOBBERY”

The Man Booker Prize, which yesterday published its shortlist for 2017, should be opened up to self-published authors to reflect the rapidly changing bookselling environment. Self-published books are now responsible for a significant and ever-increasing share of the market, so the continued exclusion of these works perpetuates the “literary snobbery” that it says is prevalent in the traditional publishing industry….

How Does Type & Tell Work?

Often we get asked how Type & Tell can help you to publish your book. We are not a PUBLISHER. We help aspiring authors to self-publish their book when they purchase one of our publishing packages. To make things a little easier we’ve put together this amazingly colourful flow chart to help you make your choice when publishing your book!…