The Importance of Typesetting

You’ve finished your book and now you want to publish. The hard part is over, but the final step is typesetting your book to ensure that the reader can enjoy the words on the page clearly and without any fuss.


But what exactly is typesetting? Typesetting is a term we use often, this is the overall layout of the book. It means we take your manuscript and make it look like a book! This includes the interior layout and cover. Click here to read more about other publishing terms and their definitions.


Fortunately, our Book Editor does the typeset of your book for you – so nothing to worry about there. However there may be minor details you might want to add to make the overall interior presentation of the book much more appealing to the eye.


Here are the top three things you might want to make use of when editing your book to suit your preferences: 



When you open any book, you’ll notice that typically the paragraphs are indented. Traditionally, any paragraph that doesn’t immediately follow a chapter title, subheading or blank page have a indentation on the first line.

You can add indents to your paragraphs in the Book Editor. Just click on or off on the icon above to add or remove an indent. Easy peasy! 



Add a Blank Line:

Sometimes when writing, you may want to include  a line gap between paragraphs or sentences.  That’s simple to do – all you need to do is click on this icon and a blank line gap will appear.



Add a Page Break:

Page breaks can be used for a number of reasons, you can add a page break by clicking on this icon  above.  Be sure to place it before the paragraph where you want to page break to occur!


The rest of the toolbar works similar to a Word doc, you can Bold, Italicise or Underline text, use a Centre alignment, or add Bullet points & Numbers.



All of these tools can help make your book professional and allows the reader to thoroughly enjoy it. We also offer a in house typesetting service, if you require your book interior to have a more complex layout at an additional cost to the publishing package. Learn more



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